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Locksmith’s who have obtained our safety award have gone at least one year without any customer or staff related injuries and accidents on the job. We run extensive background checks as well to certify that your locksmith provider is safe to do business with. Ratings cannot be purchased or modified if a locksmith is deemed to be unsafe.


Top Rated

Collected from social websites, Google search and other online places, we provide a comprehensive analysis of your reviews and will award the Top Rated badge to one locksmith per marketplace or zip code. Having a paid or free membership has no bearing on your ability to earn this badge in your hometown.


Elite Pro

Elite Pro members are recognized on an annual basis for being safe, clean backgrounds and rated extremely well in the form of customer surveys and reviews. Elite Pro entries are accepted all year and voted on by a board of select locksmiths that are ineligible for the award. You do need to pay to register in your area but cannot pay to win this award.

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