Types of Safes Worked on by Locksmiths

Sure, let’s start by discussing the various types of safes that locksmiths commonly work on, and then we can explore a list of different safe models.

Combination Safes

Mechanical Combination Safes

Mechanical combination safes are a traditional and reliable form of security that relies on a specific sequence of numbers to be dialed on a combination dial. These safes have been used for many years and are known for their durability and simplicity.

Electronic Combination

Electronic combination safes represent a modern approach to secure storage, utilizing a digital keypad for entering the correct combination. These safes provide a convenient and efficient means of access, often with additional features to enhance security.

Keyed Safes

Key Lock Safes

Key lock safes provide a classic and straightforward means of securing valuables using a traditional key. These safes are known for their simplicity and reliability.

Double-Keyed Safes

Double-keyed safes, also known as dual-key safes, add an extra layer of security by requiring two distinct keys for access. This design enhances protection against unauthorized entry and is commonly used in scenarios where heightened security is paramount.

Biometric Safes

Fingerprint Safes

Fingerprint safes, also known as biometric safes, offer a cutting-edge and convenient method of access control by using fingerprint recognition technology. These safes are designed to provide quick and secure access to valuables.

Retina Scan Safes

Retina scan safes represent a state-of-the-art security solution that utilizes advanced biometric technology to authenticate users based on the unique patterns of their retinas. These safes offer an unparalleled level of security and are commonly employed in high-security environments.

Wall Safes

Recessed Wall Safes

Recessed wall safes are designed for discreet and space-efficient storage, as they are installed within the wall itself. These safes offer a hidden and secure solution for safeguarding valuables.

Surface-Mounted Wall Safes

Surface-mounted wall safes are designed to be attached directly to the wall surface, providing a secure and accessible storage option without the need for recessed installation. These safes are known for their convenience and ease of installation.

Floor Safes

Underfloor Safes

Underfloor safes are designed for concealed storage by being installed beneath the floor surface. These safes offer discreet security for valuables and are commonly used in both residential and commercial settings.

Depository Floor Safes

Depository floor safes are designed for easy and secure depositing of valuables without the need to open the main safe door. These safes are commonly used in commercial settings where frequent deposits are required.

Fireproof Safes

Document Safes

Document safes are specifically designed to protect important papers, records, and valuable documents from fire, water, and theft. These safes offer a secure storage solution for sensitive information.

Media Safes

Media safes are specifically designed to protect electronic media, such as CDs, DVDs, USB drives, and other data storage devices, from fire, water, and magnetic interference. These safes provide a secure storage solution for sensitive electronic information.

Gun Safes

Handgun Safes

Handgun safes, also known as pistol safes or gun vaults, are designed to securely store handguns while providing quick and convenient access to firearm owners. These safes offer a balance between security and accessibility.

Long Gun Safes

Long gun safes, also known as rifle safes or shotgun safes, are specifically designed to securely store larger firearms such as rifles and shotguns. These safes provide both security and proper storage for long guns.

Jewelry Safes

Luxury Jewelry Safes

Luxury jewelry safes are high-end security solutions designed to provide not only protection but also an elegant and stylish storage option for valuable jewelry, watches, and precious items. These safes often combine state-of-the-art security features with exquisite craftsmanship.

Drawer Safes

Drawer safes, also known as compact or bedside safes, are designed to provide discreet and convenient storage within drawers. These safes are suitable for securing valuables such as jewelry, documents, and small items while offering quick access.

Hotel Safes

In-Room Safes

In-room safes are designed for installation within hotel rooms, providing guests with a secure place to store their valuables. These safes offer convenience, accessibility, and enhanced security for guests during their stay.

Lobby Safes

Lobby safes are larger, secure storage solutions commonly found in hotel lobbies. These safes are designed to accommodate larger items and provide secure storage for valuables that guests may prefer not to keep in their rooms.